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Computer Applications Training for Staff - Online Booking System


Computer Applications Training Schedule for Staff - Online Booking System

When you click the link below to browse the Training Schedule you will be presented with at least three options:

  • Browse by topic (lesson type, for example, Word, Excel, GroupWise)
  • Browse by campus (Chadstone, Moorabbin, Waverley)
  • Browse by day of the week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)
  • Specific date browsing will be added

After choosing the browse criterion a list of lessons will be displayed. (Each lesson is a link which describes the contents of the lesson.)
Click the checkbox(es) next to any lessons you would like to book into.
For your first booking you will need to identify yourself (let me know if you're not in the list). It will then remember who you are.
Click Make Booking(s). Your bookings will be displayed.
At this stage your bookings are displayed in booking order, not in date order - this will be fixed.
When your bookings are displayed you may cancel any that you are unable to attend.

Click here to browse the lessons and make bookings..

You will not receive booking confirmation.
Assume that the lesson will be held at the specified time and place unless you are notified of a cancellation.

New lessons will be added from time to time - especially in response to demand.
Please check from time to time, and request (preferably by email) any lesson that is not available at the moment.

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